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Уголок фиалок Ирины Данилиной

Ближайшая выставка

С 19 по 29 апреля 2019 года в помещении «Дома Фиалки» на Пятницкой пройдёт выставка фиалок.

Адрес: Москва, ул. Пятницкая, дом 20, строение 2

Моя фиалка «ПТ-Лунное затмение» победила в номинации «Лучшая фиалка выставки (BEST IN SHOW)».

Каталог растений на 2019 год:


Due to the interest that the first article on Moscow and our friends there generated, I thought that the AVSA mem­bers would be interested in knowing what reaction there was from our Russian friends upon having it translated for them.

Elizabeth Sadova gave a program to her African violet club in Moscow about her new friends in America and the plants that she saw while visiting here in San Antonio. She translated the article "From Russia, With Love", to the members of her club who did not speak English. They were very pleased with what had been written. Elizabeth spent two hours with her club showing pictures and answering the many questions that the club members had for her. They wanted to know about our plant medium, lighting, fertilizer and our growing methods.

They are planning on subscriptions to the AVSA maga­zine for more of their members that speak English. At one time Elizabeth considered a Russian translation of the AVSA magazine by a Russian printer in conjunction with our society. With the economy in the condition it is in now in her country, she knows it would be impossible to try to make arrangements for this project.

She also said that her husband had built her shelves and installed lights for her plants. This is the first time she has had fluorescent lights for her violets, having always grown them in a window. The plants are the bright spot in her daily routine.


I have also heard from our friend, Irena Danilina. She stated that the December meeting of their club was devoted entirely to Elizabeth and her travel to America and her visit with the Sanders and other members of the Magic Knight African Violet Club who grow Saintpaulia in San Antonio.

Irena says that they differ a lot from the way we grow our plants, mainly in "mode and conditions of life." They also do not expect as much from their plants as we do. For one thing, they do not expect them to be as large as we grow them for show. They have beautiful blossoms but smaller standards. They would not have the room to grow their violets as large as we do. We must also realize that the climate is quite severe most of the year in their country.

One thing that they both asked the possibility of was more articles by people who maintain their plants in small apartments, or, in a small space in the corner of a room. This would be a tremendous help to them. As I told you in the last article, in most cases the people of Moscow have one to two room apartments. So, if anyone has information they would like to pass on to our Russian friends, please send it to the African Violet Magazine for them to read.

I would like to close with a quote from Irena's letter and I think it says it all. "The most important thing is what real­ly unites us - this is our love for violets and the impossibil­ity of living without their trustful and generous beauty."



If so, please write to: Elizabeth Sadova

c/o Ruth Rumsey 2375 North Street   •   Beaumont, TX 77702