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Уголок фиалок Ирины Данилиной

Ближайшая выставка

С 19 по 29 апреля 2019 года в помещении «Дома Фиалки» на Пятницкой пройдёт выставка фиалок.

Адрес: Москва, ул. Пятницкая, дом 20, строение 2

Моя фиалка «ПТ-Лунное затмение» победила в номинации «Лучшая фиалка выставки (BEST IN SHOW)».

Каталог растений на 2019 год:

AVSA's 1998 Best Variety List

Floyd Lawson, 1100 W. Huntington Dr., #21, Arcadia, CA 91007


Welcome to AVSA's second "World's 25 Best African Violets" List. Sound pretentious? Maybe, but this list is from growers around the world sending in their lists of the 25 violets which were their favorites. Lists came from four con­tinents and eight nations. This is a truly worldwide effort. Thank you to all who participated. Your comments on the new format will be appreciated.

Again this year we feature the new style of listing the Twenty-five Top Favorites. In addition, we have added the descriptions from AVSA's First Class computer database. Hopefully this will help growers in their selection of new and beautiful plants for their collections.

1. Irish Flirt (7577) 11/07/91 (S. Sorano) Double bright green and white frilled star. Medium green, wavy. Semiminiature

2. Crinkle Blue(8136) 01/19/95 (D. Ness) Double dark blue star/thin white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated/red back. Semiminiature

3. Picasso (6924) 10/04/88 (M. Tremblay) Double light blue/white fantasy. Variegated medium green, plain/silver-green back. Large

4. Tomahawk (7269) 01/22/90 (K. Stork) Semidouble-double bright red. Dark green, plain. Large

5. Precious Pink (6025) 07/05/85 (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink. TL variegated, plain. Semiminiature

6. Ode to Beauty (7677) 02/28/92 (Cox/B. Johnson) Semidouble medium coral star/thin raspberry band, white edge. Dark green, plain, quilted. Large

7. Granger's Wonderland (3419) 05/01/78 (Eyerdom) Semidouble light blue frilled. Plain, ruffled. Large

8. Happy Cricket (5726) 04/29/84 (Hollada) Double lavender two-tone frilled. Dark green, ruffled/red back.Large

9. Melodic Kimi (8100) 09/15/94 (Sunnyside/Levy) Single white sticktite pansy/purple-blue top petals, tips. Medium green, plain, quilted, wavy. Standard

10. Pixie Blue (2598) 09/16/74 (L. Lyon) Single purple-blue/darker center. Plain, ovate. Miniature trailer

11. Mickey Mouse (H. Inpijn) Double dark blue. Dark green, pointed/red back. Miniature

12. Milky Way Trail (7169) 08/01/89 (J.Stahl) Single-semidouble white pansy. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted. Semiminiature trailer

13. Little Pro (6637) 06/11/87 (H. Pittman) Semidouble pink. Dark green, quilted, pointed/red back. Semiminiature

14. Ness' Satin Rose (8144) 01/19/95 (D. Ness) Double rose-mauve two-tone star. Dark green, quilted, scalloped/red back. Semiminiature

15. Lela Marie (5668) 02/07/84 (I. Lineberg) Double light pink frilled. Variegated, pointed, ruffled. Standard

16. International (B. Johnson) Single-semidouble light pink pansy/wide raspberry edge. Dark green, plain, glossy. Standard

17. Optimara Rose Quartz (6969) 11/19/88 (Holtkamp) - Single-semidouble pink. Medium green, ovate, pointed, glossy, hairy. Miniature

18. Rob's Sticky Wicket (6467) 01/27/87 (R. Robinson) Semidouble light fuchsia. Medium green, pointed. Semiminiature trailer

19. Splendiferous (5813) 09/20/84 (S. Whitaker) Single pale pink star/red eye, wide white frilled edge. Dark green, quilted. Large

20. Amazing Grace (2688) 05/22/75 (Soults) Semidouble light pink frilled star. Ruffled. Large

21. Nortex's Snowkist Haven (6046) 09/12/85 (B. Johnson) Single white frilled star. Medium green, pointed, quilted, hairy. Standard

22. Marching Band (8645) 07/18/97 (K. Stork) Single-semidouble hot pink pansy/raspberry-red sparkle edge. Dark green, plain/red back. Large

23. Powwow (7708) 06/15/92 (K. Stork) Semidouble red pansy. Variegated green and cream, plain. Standard

24. Tiger (3433) 06/01/78 (I. Fredette) Semidouble dark blue-violet. Variegated. Large

25. Favorite Child (7676) 02/28/92 (Cox/B. Johnson) Semidouble white ruffled pansy/medium blue eye, rays, edge. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard

november-december 1998, african violet magazine #41