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Уголок фиалок Ирины Данилиной

Ближайшая выставка

С 19 по 29 апреля 2019 года в помещении «Дома Фиалки» на Пятницкой пройдёт выставка фиалок.

Адрес: Москва, ул. Пятницкая, дом 20, строение 2

Моя фиалка «ПТ-Лунное затмение» победила в номинации «Лучшая фиалка выставки (BEST IN SHOW)».

Каталог растений на 2019 год:

The African Violet Show in Moscow, Russia

Vladimir Kalgin

AVSA 2002 Convention

Washington, DC, USA


The winner - Natalie Puminova


Our Team, the Saintpaulia Society of Russia


by Vladimir Kalgin • Russia

The Saintpaulia Society of Russia (SSR) held its first show in Moscow from April 28 - May 12 this year. For African violet growers outside of Russia, with dozens of shows held each year with hundreds of exhibits, it could be difficult to understand the uniqueness of the SSR show for Russia. Until this year even in Moscow with a population of 10 million, the public interested in African violets could visit just a couple of small shows with several dozens of plants. Very few dub members could participate in the shows. We have never had judged shows. There were no commercial growers, mass violet producers, or small producers of hobby violets.

A group of enthusiasts that knew each other through the Internet, decided to make some changes. There were twelve of us when we had our first meeting in December, 2001. We decided to form a society that could organize regular meet­ings and shows, encourage members to grow better plants, educate them in growing culture, exchange information and experience, and attract the public in growing African violets.

Since January of this year, we have had regular meetings once a month with lectures, new members presenting themselves, and bylaws discussions. Our main goal for this year was to organize a new type of show with judges, awards, and design and educational exhibits where any member could exhibit a plant. Of course, we had to learn a lot because none of us had visited an African violet show in the United States before. We have gotten very useful information from the AVSA web site, the AVSA Handbookjor Growers, Exhibitors and Judges, 50 Years With AVSA (the 50th Anniversary book), and some other sources.

Until April we had more than fifty members in Moscow. We have selected judges and committee chairmen among advanced growers and hybridizers.

There were two possible facilities for the show. One of them was a building located close to a very famous place in Moscow called Victory Park, where people come on weekends and holidays with their families and friends. It took us about a week to prepare and decorate the hall of 3000 square feet for the show.

Violets were displayed on tables with beautiful waterfalls seen through the windows. It was the first time people in Moscow could see this kind of African violet show. Our inten­ tion was to hold the show for two weeks to allow as many people as possible to attend. The weather in the beginning of May in Moscow was just perfect for African violets. A lot of them that came to the show in full bloom stayed without visible changes until the show was closed.

There were about 300 exhibits in the show, including amateur and commercial horticulture exhibits, design exhibits, educational exhibits, and display tables. The follow­ing are some of the winners.

Miss Violet - Spring 2002 Award was given to Natalie Puminova for her hybrid, 'Ian - Ulibka' (Ian - Smile), a very attractive variety, single pink ruffled star with white eye and edge.

Best African Violet in Show was 'Pat Tracey'(Tracey), won by Katherine Panova.

Best Standard Collection Award was won by Natalie Puminova for her hybrids.

Best Fantasy variety was 'Vesuvius', a large plant with lots of huge, single dark purple blooms, red-purple fantasy, won by its hybridizer Eugenie Arhipov.

Not only judges, but also the attendees, voted for their favorite violets. The top vote-getter was 'Pink Amiss' (Eyerdom) exhibited by Irina Kormilitsina.

One of the sections was dedicated to varieties of Russian hybridizers. Best African violet in this section was 'Zima Ulibaetsia' (Winter is Smiling), exhibited by Eugenie Shishkin, a double pink with fuchsia, white/green edge. The famous Russian hybridizer, Boris Makuni, introduced this variety. He passed away on June 4th of this year. In his memory, all the SSR members are encouraged to grow his hybrids for the next show where there will be special awards for Makuni's hybrids.

The show received good publicity. It was on one of the national TV channels. There was also an article by the well- known author, Tatiana Klevenskaia, that was published in the oldest Russian magazine, Floriculture.

After the show, my wife Tatiana and I visited the AVSA 2002 Convention and Show in Washington, D.C. It was really an excellent opportunity to learn how AVSA works, and how the show was organized. We also met the AVSA officers, hybridizers, commercial members, and were able to buy beautiful plants. The Saintpaulia Society of Russia became an AVSA affiliate club.

Now the Saintpaulia Society of Russia has about 250 members, as well as twenty-five regional affiliate clubs in Russian cities and some of the former Soviet Union republics. We are going to publish our magazine to teach judges, to help our affiliate organize regional shows, and to support Russian hybridizers. We hope that more and more people in Russia will cultivate the hobby of growing African violets.

african violet magazine september • october 2002